That phase, that saturation point of your life when all of a sudden the moon of your life is slowly receding, and all you can do is watch it fade into eternity and dull into a lifeless invisible crescent, when slowly and gradually you are so deprived of it’s transient shine that you are wiling to swim through oceans chasing the idea of Owning the unattainable….that phase where you broken into segments and losing count but on the outside you are intact, that moment when you are failing beyond compare,  failing to see the light in a room full of lit lanterns….that very moment is of utmost importance, it’s the exact moment that defines the man you will turn into… The man that you will seep into.your future self. Your destiny.




That is the moment of substance, the only one that matters and your actions,  the way you stumble and steps up and crawl OR wether you lose from your own mind is what determines what you will be recreated into after this tiny death like phase.



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