Hey reader!! hope you are having that time of your life.  Well, since most aren’t…hope it gets better….I don’t like this weather, winters are surely not my cup of tea….I prefer summers… all the clothes, food, the sun… It just gets me every time over these chilly winds of feb. As these last few winter days roll by and springs awaits us at the corner….it’s getting more unbearable than usual for me to get along well with these sweaters and gloves…I just want to pause and resume right into the summer days of tank tops and short dresses…..It’s not like I completely detest winters….no. It’s my birthday season and of course I like hibernating all day in  my makeshift cocoon of a quilt and scroll memes but that’s not always possible since you are supposed to “WORK”. and since work is force x displacement….it requires movement and it just doesn’t gel well with my idea of a winter day atmosphere….okay so no more random chit-chat…. let’s get to WHY I AM WRITING THIS TODAY. like any other bizarre Indian teen……I am nothing but ordinary AND just like any other Indian tiny, I have extraordinary dreams and uncountable fantasies of the kind of life I want…..I am an ordinary girl with a mind full of rebellious thoughts and a constant war of identities to inherit so as to justify my being… growing up in a typical modest family I have all the mediocre characteristics of a conventional respect for all those who visit my house, a drive of eternal hunger for all the snacks that the relatives leave behind on finishing their tea to portray their etiquettes, A passion for fighting combat wars for the television remote and ofcourse, A tremendous love for street food……and like every other individual around here I am striving to find a justification of who I am, what I am mean for AND where I am headed. I started this blog last year when I wrote a stupid piece of just a few complicated words knitted together….my friends told me I should be publishing it or rather I should blog, and me in my usual “trying to be more than ordinary avatar” made this blog….. and for a span of a year…I saw myself grow , as an individual, a writer, a poet. i made around 102 scribbled pieces of poetry and 50 posts so far…..all of them came naturally to me….no I am not bragging I just mean to say I never really pushed myself, and whenever it takes pushing I step back and I realised sooner and later that I am not doing justice to all that I am given, to all that i am getting and to all that I should be using wisely…..there are people who wish upon shooting stars for a life_like mine and I am just too ungrateful for what I have right now……this is nothing but an apology to no one in particular but myself…..as it’s me who has wronged myself like nobody ever did. So today marks a big day for me and a big start.


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