wish they couldn’t hear, what I never shaped into words

Am hybristophilic to the demons in the hearth

All these apprehensions are being censored

with every consternation, they are being lured.

asculating my silence, nevertheless.

Not a safe place, be it heavens or earth

I keep waiting for the fever to end

even since it’s vicious birth.

Have been waiting for the curtains to draw

to fall pray to the world of darks

with eyes fixeted to open doors, time

keep replaying in my head, distant hollow perks

Death’s a bed of roses, Living’s pretty hard.

Keep feeding my own malignant demons

till they tear me apart.

Extinguishing my flames,

till all that’s left are sparks.

There’s no scope of recovery

the heavy heart remarks.

Choking on fear of breathing

till suffering bids adieu

All I needed was simply

to leave behind a mark.


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