You realise how the same ordinary things when attached and immortalized by attaching with an event,  moment,  person or story become extraordinarily beautiful and lovingly special like the same old song that you probably heard a million times before when someone special sings for you or dance with you on it,  becomes memorable and whenever it plays again,  you end up feeling different about it,  it becomes special,  the same place that seems ordinary becomes special when you relate it with a day you went on a family trip to it and the same mainstream desk and pages remind of of someone and suddenly arnt that ordinary,  oblivious   worthless anymore, moreover you only realise something’s worth when it’s no longer with you or your possession and everything is temporary of sorts so I want to live it till I am full,  experience every feeling good or bad to satisfaction and love,  cry,  laugh,  remember,  make mistakes,  learn,  forgive,  forget,  everything completely and live wholesome in the moment and then die in peace and I don’t really want a long long long time to exist I just want a short span to live.


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