art is either an expression of love or it's nothing


And your biggest fault was - trying to knock me off a pedestal , I built myself......I remain and will always be, that heinous bitch who walked past your shit, like the ground beneath was glowing with stardust....I am my own trap queen, my condolences to you for even trying.because rigth now I am at... Continue Reading →

it's a pity when the castle you constructed brick by brick cemented with love and painted with the ink promising forever is breaking and all you can do is see it fall, brick by brick and approach the end

it's a curse disguised as a blessing that I had since birth, I look good from a safe distance, but as soon as you step a little closer to the despair and debris, you will figure I am not exactly what I seem to be, that I ruin everything I touch . You will figure... Continue Reading →

No sun can light up the darks of your soul when you shut your eyes to the light....


spent tides of time acting like I was different, somehow i was meant for something bigger, that I was the horizon and that I had a bewildered purpose, as If I was forever... But the clouds of myth faded and the rays of reality invaded... And on closer scrutiny I realised How easily replacable,... Continue Reading →


Into the distant nothingness, I am setting... slowly fading into the dusk and letting the stars take over But before I leave, I am caressing your lips, steadily moving my fingers over the silk threads of your enticing existence swiftly and magically shining as I pass your waves... Thinking that maybe this is what it... Continue Reading →

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