something like that

The curtain were drawn the sheets were laid the air was warm slow music played we both stood still our heartbeats raced I knew no dance, but with you, it was great my breathe slowed down and your eyes just stared we moved like sand curving like slate, those hair smelled great like a chocolate... Continue Reading →


that last leaf

The one about to fall with the weakest twig I am that very leaf that one that's never sure The one that's insecure The one, fading slowly.... Slowly turning pale I am already so frail it's seem I've waiting, since eternity.... no reason to hope the fall, non can stop letting go, has never been,... Continue Reading →


I know it's falling off, that mask you wear. I know you want to hide, those bloody tears. you say you're fine and okay, ┬ádeep down you care. and there's no flesh, no blood, but scars are there. I know they are dragging you down, your empty fears. Don't hold your breath, it'll pass. Once... Continue Reading →

I wish miracles could turn back time and I could scream COME BACK  to myself while I stand on the rock bottom awaiting....

Even if you were a dead flower.

Even if you were a dead flower I would water you... I would water you today, tomorrow, The day after tomorrow... I would water you till I am myself old and weak, uncapable of moving... I would water you not because I am stupid enough to think that a dead flower could be brought back... Continue Reading →

Everyday is a fight.... between whats wrong and whats right, The morals I believe? or the moments I strive? Everyday I am confused... by the methods, I previously used, should I follow or should I rule? Everyday my conscience shatters my wants... Lost in an enchanted maze, limitations try to tear the world apart Everyday... Continue Reading →

They vs. Us

We could be running, chasing And fighting... a hundred faces watching through their doors we would be burning like a million volcanoes...and follow testimony for our fires. They will keep staring and we would see the curtains drawn. And while we are digging oceans They would losing all control We would growing off our wings... Continue Reading →

cold are your nights and days spent in pain but don't you fall in love this stupid love is vain don't let his eyes fool you that smile is a pretend his comments are flattery in the end they are all the same the promises and looks are, all the more fake it's about time... Continue Reading →

It may seem like we are drifting towards the full stop like everything we ever believed about miracles was a lie like the world is about to fall apart but it's not the end it's not even close to the end this, is the beginning of what i knew would definitely be knitted from the... Continue Reading →

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