sometimes you need things more than you want them.


You realise how the same ordinary things when attached and immortalized by attaching with an event,  moment,  person or story become extraordinarily beautiful and lovingly special like the same old song that you probably heard a million times before when someone special sings for you or dance with you on it,  becomes memorable and whenever... Continue Reading →

Potential unexpressed turns to pain. but oscar wilde once said "What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise" I searched for honey got stung by the bees but I WON'T let what I can't do get in way of way I can.

[ LETTER TO THE perjurer ]

they say you own the land, the skies. everything. they say all the ladybugs are yours, all the cloves planted by you. you own the moon, and control the sun. Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, Orange Stars, Green Clovers, Blue Diamonds, Purple Horseshoes, and Red Balloons. all yours and you do have a sky full of clouds... Continue Reading →

beautiful existence [POEM]

pain takes me to places that, poise never told me existed. every tear gets a little more sweeter, as cracks widen into ambit of separation. thoughts ravel into my neurons like the Gordian knot and I merely stare, into blank space.... No I haven't given up, I am not fed up yet..... but I do,... Continue Reading →


wish they couldn't hear, what I never shaped into words Am hybristophilic to the demons in the hearth All these apprehensions are being censored with every consternation, they are being lured. asculating my silence, nevertheless. Not a safe place, be it heavens or earth I keep waiting for the fever to end even since it's... Continue Reading →


Hey reader!! hope you are having that time of your life.  Well, since most aren't...hope it gets better....I don't like this weather, winters are surely not my cup of tea....I prefer summers... all the clothes, food, the sun... It just gets me every time over these chilly winds of feb. As these last few winter... Continue Reading →


perhaps the worst wrongs of my life were the ones they acclaimed, were just right for me. but maybe that's what you live for - the uncertainity.

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